Monday, September 16, 2013

Corredor II wins 2013 Region 3 GAIG/USDFBC Southeast Stallion Final

Sandra Werner's Corredor II scored a 74.8 in the Final run of the Show with Karel Van den Neste at the end of the lead. The powerful moving, 16.1 hand bay stallion was also reserve National Champion Spanish Stallion at the 2012 IALHA Finals in Ft. Worth Texas.
A special thanks to Tonia Wener and all her hard work and support to the entire team!

Monday, September 9, 2013

MIrror Image and Evelyn qualify for Region 3 Championships

Evelyn and the 5 year old Canadian Sport Horse gelding, MIrror Image are bound for the Championships in October. Not only did she qualify in two shows, but she has only owned the 16.3 hand bay gelding since April. So many of you are still saying, "So What?". What follows is the rest of the story.
In June, in a freakish moment (we think Image was bee stung) she fell when the horses panicked and bucked and broke 10 ribs and spent 5 days in the ICU with a chest tube front and back draining fluid. Everyone told me that she would be 5 months out of the saddle, but they don't know Evelyn. She started going to the gym and doing excercise classes and by the end of July she ordered me to get her up. It was nerve wracking for me, especially because I had to leave the country for two weeks and she was going to be unsupervised. But, by the time I came back the team looked pretty strong.
The top photo is Evelyn grooming in Atlanta during July (about 5 weeks post accident) and the bottom photo is Image and I training under her watchful eye during her layup period.
Oh, by the way Evelyn celebrated her 68th birthday in the hospitol.....She is an inspiration to the whole team!